BRAG Consulting started off as one hungry entrepreneur looking to build a freelance business to help companies by filling temporary gaps.  We have since evolved into a network of highly skilled freelance workers across North America supporting hundreds of businesses and individuals when they need it most.

We keep our overhead low so we can pass those savings onto our clients. For years, we have never advertised or even had a website, because we didn't need to.
Our clients keep returning and referring us to other clients. We don't want to Brag, but this is because they are that happy with our results. We decided that it would be a shame to keep our awesomeness to ourselves and our current clients, so we wanted to branch out to more people to help them discover what reclaiming time can do for their own mental health and the growth of their business.

If you have gaps in your business, need to scale quickly or need coverage for projects, tasks or to meet goals, we've got your back.

If you are an individual who is overwhelmed with life happening and need someone to step-in as a virtual assistant or for major events, we've got you too!